C. Mark Hannan worked on an oil and gas drilling rig

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C. Mark Hannan believes that education and learning are lifelong processes. This is why he studies organizational learning and effectiveness almost continually. He believes that these topics can benefits businesses and businessmen in the midst of a severe economic recession, such as the one we are currently experiencing. C. Mark Hannan is a student of the business strategies and theories of widely respected business experts like John Kotter. As a Profesor Emeritus of Harvard Business School, John Kotter is quite qualified to discuss these issues. C. Mark Hannan has studied these ideas in depth and applies the lessons he has learned to his own business pursuits.

C. Mark Hannan did not just discover a good work ethic. It was engrained in him due to an upbringing in the Midwestern United States. He learned that hard work would advance his goals, even from a very young age. C. Mark Hannan worked on an oil and gas drilling rig when he was young. Working as a rough neck on the oil and gas drilling rig was a way for C. Mark Hannan to pay for his college schooling. Having to work in order to pay for his education. Paying for his own education through hard work means that C. Mark Hannan more fully appreciated his education, which helped him to understand how it would inspire him to success.

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